Document Checklist

For PAYG Borrowers

1. Latest 2 pay slips with last year group certificate
2. Bank statement showing deposit
3. Copy of passport or birth certificate
4. Copy of drivers licence
5. 6 months statements of existing home loan (Only for refinances)
6. 3 months statements of credit cards, personal loans and car loans
7. Council rates notice (only for refinances)
If you are borrowing > 80 % we may require additional documents as follows
Last 6 months statements of your bank account

For Self Employed borrowers

For full doc loans we need the following:

1. Last 2 years full financials which include full tax returns and ATO assessment notices for sole traders
2. For companies, last 2 years financials including balance sheets, profit and loss and ATO assessment notices.

PLUS all other documents as above for PAYG borrowers
For low doc loans we don’t need the above income verification documents